From preserving tangible snapshots of that perfect make-up to capturing those unforgettable moments, these 3D printed dolls–eerie yet amazing replicas of real-life faces–encapsulate those emotions and occasions in a world frozen in time.


Welcome to the digital age of virtual human cloning, in which stunningly accurate replicas of faces are created using 3D sculpting technology.

This ingeniously creative idea, made popular by Akihibara-based Clone Factory in Japan, uses several DSLR cameras that take photos of the human face from different angles.

Danny Choo, a blogger that started Culture Japan, saw for himself how they are made: Using a computer program, the pictures are combined into 3D data, which is then fed into a specialized printer that uses plaster and ink to mold the finished replicas.


The result? A miniaturized yet perfectly similar plaster mold of his face, capturing even the smallest details and angles.

The price for each work ranges around $1,300, a tad pricier than today’s modern contemporary paintings, but is indeed worth the cost if preserving that once-in-a-lifetime event stirs that child in us.

Oh! By the way, they clone animals too!

Animal 3D Clone