It was just another day for the Chinese fishmonger as he was gutting a squid for a customer when he discovered an eight-inch live bomb inside the squid‘s belly.


The squid was said to have been caught in the waters off China’s Guangdong province and was taken to the fish market in Jiaoling county.

The fishmonger who found the bomb said, “This sort of squid lives close to the shore and normally makes a meal of small fish and prawns.” He added, “Perhaps it thought the bomb was its favorite food and gulped it down. It certainly had a big belly when it was caught.”

The police acted immediately when they were sent an emergency notice regarding the bomb. After the bomb was removed, they safely detonated it.

According to authorities, the bomb was measured at approximately eight inches long , three pounds, and shaped like an eggplant. It’s thought to have been dropped into the water by a fighter jet.

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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Genevieve Baxa