Due to an alarming number of injuries and fatalities in car accidents in China, which stemmed mostly from drivers not wearing their seatbelts, the police are being more attentive in ensuring that all motorists wear their seatbelts when driving. As if on cue, the “belt t-shirt” came out.

The shirt in question is a white t-shirt with a black “strap” running diagonally down the chest, in hopes that police officers will confuse it with a real seatbelt.

safety belt

Fengxian Xue, spokesman for the Shanghai Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, said that while all drivers are required to wear safety belts, wearing this apparel is not prohibited by law. But drivers do still need to wear their seatbelts.

It is not surprising that at a price of only 35 to 50 RMB (US$5.5-$8), there are already a number of individuals coveting this deceiving clothing.

Some are hopeful that by wearing this shirt they will save themselves from having to pay the fine affixed to safety belt rule infraction.

Buckling up when driving is strictly implemented in China, and those who will violate this rule have to pay 50 RMB per infraction. Two points will also be deducted from the ceiling of 12 of one’s driver’s license.

According to the spokesman of the Heilongjiang Traffic Police Detachment, if it’s just for the purpose of entertainment, he thinks there is no reason to forbid anyone from wearing the belt shirt. What is wrong with using the seat belt shirt?

Would you wear a shirt like this?

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Karla Victoria Tapia

Karla Victoria Tapia

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