North Korea has been known as a closed country for some time now. However, it is undeniable that no matter how closed the government tries to keep it, the country is still influenced by the changes happening in the outside world, even in the smallest ways.

It has been reported that a 3G cellular network exist in the country, but apparently only foreigners can use it. In the absence of the Internet, the government also has developed its own social networking site.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, North Korea’s social networking is limited to whatever is inside the country. Anything from the outside gets barred by the government. Instead of the Internet, North Korea’s technology is more like an intranet. They call it the “Red Star.”


The website includes local message boards, mainly for announcements and for posting birthday messages. It is widely used by university students and professors to connect with each other.

“North Korea is one of the unique countries in the world because virtually every computer or technology that could be used for some social media application is regulated by the government,” Ramest Srinivasan, who studies social media and regime change, told the Post in 2011.

Let’s hope that these 3G cellular networks and the country’s intranet brings it a step closer to becoming a more open country in the future.

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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Genevieve Baxa