When you badly need to heed the call of nature, wouldn’t it be torture if the potty started running away from you? Anyone wold surely hate the idea.

But Strapya World of Tokyo, Japan saw it a different way.


With the invention of the Benki RC Japanese-style toilet, the traditional squat toilet that Japan is known for has made a comeback — but with a weird twist!

The conventional embedded toilet bowl that Japanese have used for ages is gradually becoming ancient history. Many these days are switching to modern toilets, which are taller and seemingly easier to use.

But just when we thought that the squat toilet would be gone soon, here comes this new receptacle for human waste products -– a battery-operated toilet with remote control!

Many are probably uncertain about the benefits of this product. But it takes only an open mind to recognize why its makers came up with the idea. At one point in your life, you’ve probably been too lazy to go to the toilet, right? Now you can make the toilet come to you.

On a lighter note, this can also make for a great instrument to piss off housemates, or serve as a unique gift that is sure to make friends laugh. Many such inventions really are making life more convenient, and Japan happens to be very good at this.

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Karla Victoria Tapia

Karla Victoria Tapia

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