Aside from launching missiles and satellites, and also Dennis Rodman visiting the country, North Korea has taken the headlines again these past few months. It was reported that some North Koreans now turn to cannibalism due to a “hidden famine.”

Asia Press was able to compile reports from different citizen journalists, which were later on published by the Sunday Times. This was one of the most disturbing reports:

“While his wife was away on business, he killed his eldest daughter and, because his son saw what he had done, he killed his son as well. When the wife came home, he offered her food, saying, ‘We have meat.'”

“But his wife, suspicious, notified the Ministry of Public Security, which led to the discovery of part of their children’s bodies under the eaves.”

Another report from a citizen journalist named Gwang-ho Gu reads that “there was an incident [in which] a man was arrested for digging up the grave of his grandchild and eating the remains.”

These are not the first reports of cannibalism in North Korea. In 2003, a food shortage led to people killing and eating their children, as well as selling corpses as food.

These reports have not been proven, however, because no hard evidence can be found to back them. In North Korea, finding the truth is nearly impossible. However, Asia Press has already worked with these correspondents and vouches for their reports.

We also can’t deny the fact that North Korea was badly hit by storms in the recent years.

Is there really a “hidden famine” in North Korea? What do you think?


Renz Baxa

Renz Baxa

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