Admittedly, this is the ad age. An adage reads thus: “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”

How true. When you consider that most gents have made it somewhat of a daily duty to “wink” at sultry ladies ad nauseam, it was only a matter of time before the ad agencies broke out the “babe ads.”

japanese girls with ads on their legs

Advertisement featuring “babes” have been around since prehistoric men naughtily colored out buxom beauties in those cave paintings we’ve heard about, but these have become banal. It’s already hard for ads with really witty messages to get noticed or even get placement or airtime in the super-saturated media, so “hot” girls are thrown into the mix. Still, the results aren’t coming.

Here’s where the Japanese advertising company Absolute Territory PR broke that old mold. The group figured that, in an ad-blind land laden with people unaware of billboards and Internet banners, there’s still a critical mass of oglers, and a whole lot of inexpensive space — on shapely thighs. Enter “babe ads.”

When you have a targeted male audience, it’s the ultimate ad — a walking hoarding, interactive as ever, making for ad infinitum prime time viewing. Absolute Territory rents the legs of pretty, young Japanese girls as ad space, a clever marketing strategy that is reported to be a big hit with brands and businesses across Tokyo, especially among the men folk. Not surprising at all.

Girls who are interested in the campaign will have to get their legs “stamped” with an ad, after which they can go about their diurnal routine. They will have to sport the ad for eight hours or more per day to get paid, and will be required to wear miniskirts and knee-length hoses, preferably. To prove that they are “advertising” the brands, participants must also post photos of themselves wearing the stick-on ads on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites, periodically.

Eichi Atsumi, a spokesperson for the ad company, said the only two requirements for the job are that the registered people “should be connected to at least more than 20 people on some social network, and that they are over 18 years old.”

According to The Daily Mail, about 1,300 girls had already “registered their legs as ad space” with Absolute Territory PR (as far back as November 2012), and the numbers are niftily increasing.

The male gaze is something we’ll have to endure or embrace (depending on your stance) for as long as it takes before some rogue planet crushes Earth to terrene powder. Steuart Henderson Britt’s simple words warns execs: It’s a cutthroat world out there; the only way to outpace the competition is to embrace change.

To embrace all those long, sexy legs…


Albert Alou

Albert Alou

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