Gomutra arka, a medicine extracted from cow’s urine, is becoming a popular household and medical term in Mangalore, in India’s Karnataka state. It is a medicine extracted from cow’s urine, manufactured by Govanithashraya Trust.


Santhosh Kumar, the person in charge of Govanithashraya Trust’s cow shelter, said that the increasing demand for this medicine is actually making them think of expanding their production unit.

Santhosh also took the opportunity to flaunt that they get to sell around 10 liters of arka every day. They gather cow urine from different breeds, including that of malenadu gidda, kankrej and hallikaru. According to Santhosh, this medicine is also a hot item in the nearby city.

People from all over the country surprisingly do not mind the disgusting origin of the medicine. Gomutra arka is said to relieve more than a hundred illnesses, including kidney ailments, skin diseases and acidity.

Santhosh also pronounces its ability to purify the blood, make one stronger and prolong life. He even conveyed that doctors in the area are also drinkers of gomutra arka, and that they are believers of its power to prevent different kinds of ailments.

Is it just faith or is there a scientific basis for this? Would you mind giving it a try?

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Karla Victoria Tapia

Karla Victoria Tapia

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