Over the past few years, Japan has faced an economic crisis tied with a seriously declining birth rate and an increased aging population.

Economic analyst Morinaga Takuro suggested a novel and rather unique solution to addressing the country’s problem: taxing handsome men.

This proposition of taxing handsome men will supposedly create a way for “homely” guys to find women, get married, and have babies.


Other than the “wealth gap,” Morinaga sees the “love gap” as a fundamental factor of Japan’s declining birthrate. Therefore, he concludes that if Japan were to tax the ikemen (handsome men) and reduce the taxes of not-so-handsome men, then maybe the country’s economy would be better in a year’s time.

The proposed handsome-men tax would includes doubling the taxes of those unlikely chaps who qualify and reducing the taxes by 10-20% for those who are not so handsome. As for the judging of whether someone is handsome or not, there will be a panel of randomly selected women to decide.

The suggestion is a little bit subjective, but can this really be an effective solution? What do you think?

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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