Constantly Connected: The theme song of our current epoch, the Tech Epoch. There’s no running from your devices, from the Internet, from the digital documents. No, not even while you’re eating.

anti-loneliness ramen bowl

Straight feeds to our optic nerves, and those controlling the tendons in our thumbs and forefingers. All our fingers, to be precise. Possibly even our toes. We’re wired, and the Wachowskis couldn’t have portrayed that any better. Input/Output, Information Overload, whatever. Analysis Paralysis. Our feature phones, smartphones, handheld gaming devices, tablets, netbooks, laptops, gaming consoles, PCs and Macs…are always with us: that after-work train ride, those few minutes in the waiting room at the dentist’s…

For Apple enthusiasts (certainly NOT this writer. Here’s my preference), specifically owners of iPhones, you won’t miss a beat during grub time again. Never! Whether you’re doing noodles or a session of oden, here’s introducing the Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl, complete with an uber-awesome iPhone dock.

Designed to keep solo diners entertained, the noodle bowl has a built-in iPhone dock placed on one end so you can comfortably view your device while slurping away. Your phone may be vulnerable to splashes of soup, though, as the design does leave it a little exposed. Check out the video for more.

The dock’s positioning and sound amplification lets you watch your favorite Vevo video or Adult Swim show with ease, or share dinner with a friend on Skype and let her get a good look at your forkful of sriracha — which brings to mind that Instagram joke

MisoSoupDesign, a company berthed in New York City, with branches in Tokyo and Barcelona produced the prototype and is taking pre-orders ahead of shipping starting this spring, according to the announcement on its Facebook page.

Oh, by the way, Constantly Connected will be hitting iTunes soon enough with an OMFG-amazing video, along with its eargasmic music you all know and love. There’s a prize for anyone with the longest view period of the video, the condition being that it must be watched on your iPhone while it is docked to — you guessed right — the ALRB. Don’t try to game anything — there’re sensors everywhere in that normal-looking bowl.

Hopefully, you didn’t just fall for that last paragraph.


Albert Alou

Albert Alou

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