Guangbiao Chen, a Chinese entrepreneur, launched a product that might make some of us just scratch our heads: canned air.

canned air

According to Chen, selling the said product will help raise awareness about China’s pollution problems.

Chen said, “If we don’t start caring for the environment, then after 20 or 30 years our children and grandchildren might be wearing gas masks and carrying oxygen tanks.”

What more can I say? Canned air now for sale? I’m speechless.


Renz Baxa

Renz Baxa

Lawrence Baxa, or Renz as his friends call him, is a writer living in the Philippines. He admits that even though he is new to the writing industry, he is very willing to learn and improve as a writer. Renz loves to play basketball, and spends most of his time in front of the computer; surfing the net and playing online games. He dreams to be a well – known chef someday. He also serves their parish by holding youth camps and helping in events that help other children become closer to God.