With the increasing number of childless couples in China, the 11 sperm banks in the country are not able to accommodate the demand anymore. This gives way to the increase in China’s black market for sperm.

There is not much difference between legal sperm banks and black market banks. It’s just that the former are legal and thus recognized and protected by Chinese law. Also, licensed physicians are available in sperm banks, whereas in black market facilities, one can’t be sure.

Yu Hua and her husband have been on the waiting list for a sperm bank specimen for a year now. When they were told that the banks would require they wait 15 more months, the couple sought Mr. Huang’s help.

The couple now had the choices of artificial injection of sperm or through direct intercourse between Yu Hua and Huang.

“They could choose to have me either inject my sperm into the wife’s body artificially or through direct sexual intercourse,” Huang said. “I will keep my sperm in a small vacuum cup after masturbation, and then inject it into the wife’s body through a plastic injector.”

It is said that direct intercourse is more effective than artificial injection, but couples often prefer the latter. However, in the end, Yu Hua and her husband decide on intercourse instead.

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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