After a McDonald’s in Japan offered a price of US$1.90 for any size of their famous fries, one group of teens decided to take full advantage of it — placing 60 orders of McDonald’s large fries.

Yes, my friends — 60 orders!

They even posted a picture and tweeted about it.

(“Some of us are at the 2-floor McDonald’s in front of Okayama station, challenging ourselves to eat 60 large servings of fries! Come over everyone! And please re-tweet us!”)

The teens’ message was re-tweeted many times and fellow netizens reacted to the said tweet, which has since been removed.

“They’re just crazy people who want to stand out.”

“The way they’re eating them is disgusting. That’s at about the same level as chucking ramen on the floor and eating them.”

“Still, it’s not exactly forceful obstruction of business.”

The teenagers had to sit there for three hours to finish all the fries. I just hope that they would get some exercise after that. Just imagine how many calories they took in eating all those fries!

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Renz Baxa

Renz Baxa

Lawrence Baxa, or Renz as his friends call him, is a writer living in the Philippines. He admits that even though he is new to the writing industry, he is very willing to learn and improve as a writer. Renz loves to play basketball, and spends most of his time in front of the computer; surfing the net and playing online games. He dreams to be a well – known chef someday. He also serves their parish by holding youth camps and helping in events that help other children become closer to God.