China takes every opportunity to belittle Japan. Now, even innocent mooncakes serve in a campaign against Japan. The words “Little Japan” have been emphasized in the campaign.

Very rude!

Take a look at this:

Tònghèn xiǎo Rìběn 痛恨小日本 (“Detest Little Japan!”)

Dǎdǎo xiǎo Rìběn 打倒小日本 (“Down with Little Japan!”)

Yǎo sǐ xiǎo Rìběn 咬死小日本 (“Bite Little Japan to Death!”)

Gǎn zǒu xiǎo Rìběn 赶走小日本 (“Expel Little Japan!”)

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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Genevieve Baxa