Traveling is a hobby for most people.

In China, one traveler has already reached 14 out of China’s 33 provinces while working on his lifetime project of taking pictures of other people’s belongings.


Weird, right?

Qingjun Huang, 42, has spent already nearly a decade asking all sorts of people to take out all their belongings outside their homes so that he could take a picture of it all.

His reason? To see how the one family’s lifestyle differs from that of others, and how much they change over time.

“Most people thought what I was proposing was not normal. When I explained I wanted to set up a photo, that it would involve taking everything out of their houses and setting it up outside, that took quite a lot of explaining,” Huang said. “But almost all of them, when they realized what I was trying to do, they understood the point.”

Huang’s photographs depict the modernization that has been spreading like wildfire in China.

An elderly couple posing with a DVD player and a satellite dish, brand names and luxury goods, alongside new television models are some examples.

“In the last ten years, China has seen such a fast rate of growth, I want to go back and see what the effects have been on their lives,” Huang said.

He also stated that he wanted to broaden the range of the project, hoping to get big entrepreneurs and businessmen to pose for him in the near future.

This project is really meaningful because “from the possessions each family uses in daily life, you get a good sense of the real levels of life for China’s people,” added Huang.

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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