Liesheng He, also known as “Eagle Dad,” was recently rescued after he and his kids got stranded while climbing Mt. Fuji. Despite warnings of bad weather, this stubborn dad simply ignored them and pushed on with their journey.

After a 3,4000-meter climb, Japanese rescuers arrived and gave them medical treatment and clothes. According to He, “unlike a lot of Chinese mountains,” Mt. Fuji did not have steps.

What’s more disturbing is that they climbed Mt. Fuji with just a chocolate bar and a cup of water — no other food. Mr. He believed that there would be shops along the way. Also, he and his son, Yede He, and daughter Tiantian wore clothes that were not waterproof. They were soaking wet after a sudden rain. As they ascended, it was reported that Yede nearly collapsed due to altitude sickness.

Just before going down the mountain, they took this picture.

(The banner reads “The Diaoyu Islands belong to China.”)

Oh, the irony! After Japanese people saved their lives, this is how he thanked them? A simple “Thank you” would have done.

And this wasn’t the first stunt by Liesheng He. Mr. He earlier sparked outrage after videos showing his son sailing alone and doing pushups in the snow while wearing just his underwear surfaced on the Web.

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Renz Baxa

Renz Baxa

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