A KFC customer, Jiaozhen Yang, caused quite a scene at one of KFC’s branches in China when he ordered 22 family buckets and displayed them in front of the store.

What was his purpose for doing it?

The 30-year-old man noticed sanitation issues when he came to eat at the said fast food restaurant. While he was ordering, he saw one crew member preparing hamburger without gloves or a sanitary mask. Yang raised his concern with the cashier and the store’s manager. The manager said that his employees do forget to put on their gloves and masks after taking their lunch breaks.

After talking with the store’s staff about what he found problematic, Yang ordered 22 family buckets. At first, the employee thought that it was a big joke, until Mr. Yang put stacks of dollar bills on the counter.

Yang then displayed the buckets near the entrance of the store to show people how “clean” the food was.

He also said that it was fine for him to spend money for this kind of thing, as long as he alerts the public about a food safety issue.

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Renz Baxa

Renz Baxa

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