Soine-ya, a shop located in Akihabara, Japan, offers a rather unusual service: one that allows a man to pay for a woman to sleep with him. According to the company, this is to help a man’s emotional side.

However, feminists such as Mayumi Yugata are angered by this service. Yugata said that this makes women as mere objects that men can pay for. She adds that it “signals the continuation of women as caregivers and nothing more.” Yugata added: “It is wrong in today’s modern Japanese society that we are now being used to lie next to.” However, she admits, that if regulated, this service won’t do much harm to society.

“No matter how you put it, this idea will be about sex. What are the women to be wearing and how do we know when the cutoff will be? Maybe a customer offers so much money that illicit things happen. It is just wrong,” Yugata said.

If you are wondering how much this service will cost you, be ready to spend a lot.

According to, membership costs $39. That’s just for membership, of course; sleeping for 20 minutes will cost you double that. Six hours will sink you around $400.

The nickel-and-diming, though, is excessive. For example, a customer must pay ¥1,000 ($13) to have the lady resting her hand on his arm for three minutes, while gazing at each other for one minute costs another ¥1,000. If you want to put your head on the lady’s lap, it’s three minutes for, well, ¥1,000.

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Renz Baxa

Renz Baxa

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