Japan’s purchase of the Diaoyu Islands lit a fire under some Chinese people, starting protests here and there and causing factories to be shut down.

Even a local car dealer had something to say about the matter.

An Audi dealer in China had a banner that read “Even if graves cover our land, all Japanese must be killed. Even if our soil is not fit for growing crops anymore, we must get back the Diaoyu (fishing) Islands.”

All Japanese must be killed?!

It is still unknown for sure if the photo is real. Was it a joke, or was it just a way of letting people know what the dealer really thinks?

Audi released a statement that the people employed by the dealer are not Audi’s, so any comments made by them do not reflect the feelings of the company. A spokesperson for Audi also stated that it is not the company’s business to enter political matters like this one.

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Renz Baxa

Renz Baxa

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