The hope of two Indian businessmen’s getting their store famous succeeded … but not exactly the type of fame they’d wished for.

Naming their clothing store “Hitler” and including a swastika in their brand design caused an uproar — not only in India, but in other countries as well.

Their clothing line quickly gained notoriety after the store received criticism and protests from Britain, the U.S., Germany, and Israel. Some Jewish groups even visited the store to express their feelings about the chosen name and imagery.

This political pressure made the two businessmen back down from their ill-thought scheme and to come up with a new store name. At first, they even feigned ignorance of using “Hitler” as their store name, saying that they named it after their “strict uncle,” but the Swastika gave them away, making everyone assume that the use of the name was intentional.

“We received at least 10 phone calls every day from the U.S., the UK, Dubai, Germany and Israel. It was getting very annoying, as many of these people called at odd hours,” Rajesh Shah said.

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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Genevieve Baxa