Japan’s creativity knows no limits. From the country’s exquisite car shows to the food art, the Japanese can think of any way to make things a little bit better.

Japan even has clubs unlike those you normally hear about. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Image Clubs

Basically, they are clubs with different themes that offer a variety of sexual services. Themes include high school classrooms, a “pervert train,” and a nurse’s office.


“Soaplands” are the most common type of “sexual establishment” in Japan — like bathhouses, but even more exciting. Clients are “washed” by hostesses using their own naked bodies. More sexual acts can follow, depending on the client’s budget.

Touch Pubs

Touch Pubs, also known as Peeping Rooms or “Pink Salons,” are clubs for customers who want to experience sexual touching.

Customers rent private cubicles with live peep shows or televisions for watching porn. Hostesses come around to take the customers’ “orders.” The prices are between $30 and $40 for manual stimulation, and $50-$60 for oral sex.

Breast Molestation

This is the most common service offered by many clubs. A customers pays for a private room and a girl of his choice. Once in the room, the groping and fondling begins.

Remote Control Vibrator Play

Your chosen escort wears a specialized pair of panties, with a built in vibrator. You control it while you and your escort walk to a nearby hotel.

Doll Clubs

The name says it all. Customers customize their own love dolls and spend an hour or so alone with them private rooms.

Panty Service

Some Clubs offer this service, in which customers pay extra for the urine-soaked panties of their dates. Some even include auctions in which the models remove their panties only once they are sold.

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