Japan’s fast food war is so intense. Food companies have had to think of novel ideas to come up with better products. This has resulted in some really interesting things on their menus.

Here are some examples of products that were made because of the food war.

Wendy’s Foie Gras Burger

Wendy’s classic beef patty with the regular fixings and duck liver, priced at US$16

McDonald’s Mega McMuffin

Two breakfast sausage patties combined with cheese, egg, bacon, and ketchup — all sandwiched within a McDonald’s English muffin

Burger King’s NY Pizza Burger

I think the name says it all — a burger the size of a pizza.

McDonald’s Ebi Filet-O

A sandwich with fried shrimp, dressing, and lettuce

Burger King’s Meat Monster Burger

A meat lover’s dream — chicken breast, bacon, TLC all in one burger!

Domino’s Sirloin Steak Pizza

Pizza with grilled eggplant, cheese sauce and sirloin steak

McDonald’s Chocolate and Orange Pie

McDonald’s famous pie stuffed with chocolate, with a fizz of orange

Burger King’s BK Ringo Burger

Classic Whooper Jr. with a slice of grilled apple

Burger King’s Big Bacon Bargain

Any BK burger with 15 strips of bacon … 15?!

McDonald’s Mega Tomago

A double Big Mac with egg and bacon!

Wendy’s Lobster Surf and Turf Burger

This is a Regular Wendy’s Burger with added lobster.

McDonald’s Bacon, Egg and Lettuce Wrap

This one’s for people who are too busy to prepare breakfast.

McDonald’s Cheese Katsu Burger

Contains a fried pork cutlet with cheese, then is topped with cabbage and sweet and sour sauce.

McDonald’s Shaka Shaka Chicken

A deep-fried chicken patty seasoned with McDonald’s own mix of spices

Starbucks’ Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

This Starbucks beverage contains coffee jelly, creamy café au lait and is topped with whipped cream.

Pizza Hut’s Bacon-wrapped Sausage-crust Mini Hamburger Pizza

Sausage is wrapped in the crust that surrounds the pizza topped with mini hamburgers, mushrooms, and onions.

McDonald’s Mega Beef Mac

Like McDonald’s Mega Tomago, it is just like ordering two Big Macs.

McDonald’s Mega Teriyaki Burger

Features two patties drenched in teriyaki sauce, TLC, and onions

Pizza Hut’s Mini Corn Dog PizzaMini

Corn dogs surround a pizza topped with cheese, bacon, sausage, onion, ham, etc.

Burger King’s Rodeo Whopper

A triple-patty burger with six onion rings, TLC, mayo, and BBQ sauce

Denny’s Beef Filet With Foie Gras and Truffle Dressing

Denny’s serves New Zealand beef with foie gras and sliced truffles.

McDonald’s Grand Canyon Burger

A special patty with steak filling, egg, two cheeses, onions and steak sauce.

Burger King’s Five-patty Whopper

A Whopper with five patties!

Now I’m hungry!

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Renz Baxa

Renz Baxa

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