The Chinese film industry is, in general, very successful. “Hero” and “Enter the Dragon” are just a couple examples.

However, there are also a number of Chinese films that were banned, for a variety reasons.

Some of these have even won awards overseas.

Here is a list of the top ten banned Chinese films (plot summaries not included):

1.Beijing Bicycle (2001)

This Chinese drama was directed by Xiaoshuai Wang. It won the Jury Grand Prix, but was banned because it was not approved by the Chinese State for Radio, Film, and Television before it was sent to the Berlin International Film Festival.

2. Devils on the Doorstep (2000)

Directed and produced by Wen Jiang, this black comedy film was banned because it portrayed a not-so-good image of a political faction.

3. Suzhou River (2000)

This film by Ye Lou was banned in China after the film was shown at the International Film Festival Rotterdam without the Chinese authorities’ permission. Lou was also banned from making movies for two years.

4. Seventeen Years (1999)

The film, which was directed by Yuan Zhang, won the Director’s Award at the 56th Venice Film Festival. However, the director was punished for the film’s portrayal of a “wrong image” of socialism.

5. Mr. Zhao (1998)

A dark comedy directed by Yue Lu

6. Postman (1995)

Director Jianjun He started the movie under a ban and was able to finish after he managed to slip a copy out of the country and finish it.

7. To Live (1994)

The movie was banned because of its portrayal of several policies of and campaigns by the communist government. Director Yimou Zhang was also banned from film-making for two years.

8. East Palace, West Palace (1996)

Directed by Yuan Zhang, this movie was the first Chinese movie to express homosexual themes. It was banned for “staining the socialist image,” and “giving out corruption ideas.”

9. The Blue Kite (1993)

The movie and its director, Zhuangzhuang Tian, won the Grand Prix at the Tokyo International Film Festival and Best Film at the Hawaii International Film Festival. It was banned by the Chinese government after it was completed.

10. Lost in Beijing (2007)

This movie was banned for a number of reasons: portrayal of prostitution, blackmail, and rape. It also had “thumb-nosing gratuitous sex scenes.” It was directed by Yu Li.

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