A woman in China went to Changsa Central Hospital to have her ear checked out.

Hoping that it is just a simple itch, both she and doctors got a crawling surprise.

Doctors found a spider nestled inside the woman’s ear.

The first problem they encountered was figuring out how to remove the spider carefully. The spider could have gone deeper into her ear, causing even more problems. Or might even have bitten her.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reported that doctors decided to fill the woman’s ear with saline, hoping that this would make the spider come out on its own.

Dr. Lui Sheng was able to give the good news to the patient. The spider did come out on its own. The plan was successful.

It later emerged the spider had probably been living in the woman’s ear canal for up to five days, that it may have crawled in while she slept in her home during renovations.

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Renz Baxa

Renz Baxa

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