As the London Olympics has come to a close, people around the world are still talking about their favorite athletes.

Olympic records were set here and there. North Korean weightlifter Om Yun Chol showed his remarkable strength to everyone.

With a height of about five and weight of 123 pounds, Om managed to set a new Olympic weightlifting record of a whopping 168 kilograms, beating the previous record of 167 kilograms, held by Turkey’s Halil Mutlu, set in the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Chinese athlete Wu fell to second place while Azerbaijan’s Valentin Hristov came in third.

Only a few athletes have managed to lift three times their weight in the Olympics entire history. North Korean Om, as well as Mutlu, and Naim Suleymanoglu, also from Turkey, are just a few of them.

When asked in an interview for his secret, Om responded, “I believe the great Kim Jong-Il was watching over me.”

North Korea’s late leader is given all the credit every time North Korea wins medals.

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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