Jiangli Liu’s story is a tragic one, but it may soon include a happy ending.

After being abandoned by her parents and bullied by other children, she is hoping that she can someday live a normal, happy life.

The six-year-old Chinese girl was offered treatment for her condition by specialists in Shanghai. However, no specific explanation has been released about her condition.

Her condition is compared to hypertrichosis universalis, which leaves the body covered in hair. Almost 60 percent of Liu’s body is affected.

The disease is rare, affecting only one in a billion people.

Mingying Liu, the grandfather of one of her cousins, has been the little girl’s only family for quite some time now. The nursery where she was left had posted a newspaper announcement about her, and Mingying Liu stepped forward to take care of her.

I hope the treatment works, and wish little Liu all the best.

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Renz Baxa

Renz Baxa

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