The sight of a school of fish swimming around a goldfish bowl itself is incredible, but it becomes even more fantastic when I tell you that the goldfish bowl is just a painting.

This realistic 3-D painting was created by Riusuke Fukahori. Using only resin, Fukahori paints his masterpieces layer by layer, making the fish come to life.

The artist said that he has had a thing for painting fish since he was very young and that he tried many ways to improve his creations as he grew older. The fish in all his creations are products purely of his imagination; no real fish have ever been used in his artwork.

“I first began to draw goldfish about 10 years ago. I then developed the resin technique, which I thought gave an original representation of the fish,” he said.

The famous French impressionist Claude Monet and his series of works called “Water Lillies” has always been Fukahori’s inspiration for working on his painting technique.

Of all Fukahori’s paintings, the largest that he has created to date measures 16 ft. by 6.5 ft. His works sell for up to £2,500.

“I am always searching for motivation from my activities as an artist and my identity through goldfish.”

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa is a college student living in the Philippines. She has a great passion in writing, especially in writing short stories. This unpredictable lady loves everything about East Asia. She is enthralled by the culture and fashion of these countries. She also loves everything about children; teaching them; taking care of them; and playing with them. In addition to that, Genevieve especially loves to go on Mission Trips and serving different kinds of people. Above everything else, she is a lady who fears her God.
Genevieve Baxa