Voting for your country’s next leader is a crucial decision.

So what if a “dead person” ran for office? What would you do?

For the past nine years, Santosh Kumar Singh has been trying to prove to officials that he is alive.

The only reason he wants to run for president is to help people realize that he is in fact not dead.

“I filed nomination papers for the president’s post to prove that I am alive. I don’t want to be the president. All I want to do is prove I’m alive. If the government cannot declare me alive, then I request them to kill me and issue a real death certificate in my name,” said Singh.

The 32-year-old cook left his village in 2000 for a job in Mumbai. He fell in love with a Dalit woman, also known as an “untouchable.” When he was about to introduce his bride to his family, they disowned him. Soon after, he was declared dead.

“They filed a missing persons report, which was later changed into my death report. The villagers even conducted post-funeral ceremonies and gave alms to the poor to prove I was dead,” Singh said.

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Renz Baxa

Renz Baxa

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