In a small farm town in India called Bathinda, Train No. 399 stops at the station every night at around 9:30.

Whats different about this train is that the passengers are all cancer patients and their families, traveling to Bikaner for their cancer treatment. Thus, the train is also known as “the Cancer Train.”

Cancer has been considered an urban disease because of the city’s pollution, but there are more and more cancer patients turning up in rural areas these days.

According to a study conducted at one of India’s most respected medical institutes, farmers who use large amounts of pesticides are more susceptible to cancer compared to those who use less.

Researchers also said that their findings do not prove that pesticides cause or directly increase the number of cancer cases. In light of this, most cancer patients that ride “the Cancer Train” are part of a medical mystery.

The thing is, production is good, but everyone is getting ill. The health of people around here is deteriorating,” said one villager.

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Renz Baxa

Renz Baxa

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