Chinese people love their dogs, but probably not in the same way you do.

Sure, there are some dogs that are purely house pets, but a large number of canines in China are just a meal waiting to happen.


The Chinese find dog to be not only a tasty meal (apparently it tastes similar to pork), but also to be good for the health.

“Dog meat is good for your health and metabolism,” explains Ms. Li, a Chinese woman who declined to give her first name. “In the summer, it helps you sweat.”

A recent BBC documentary mentioned that even Tibetan monks are known to eat dog meat.

Below we have identified 10 popular ways that dog is prepared and eaten in China.

**WARNING** Some might be disturbed by the following images and information, so if you are offended by the title and introduction, you will definitely be offended but what you see below. 

1. Dog Hot Pot

A popular way to eat dogs, enjoyed usually in the winter time. Often cooked with herbs and veggies.

2. Sauteed Dog Meat

Cooked with spices, it’s supposed to be very flavorful.

3. Hard-boiled Dog

Sells for about $3/lb.

4. Dog Spring Rolls

5. Dog Terriyaki

6. Dog Shish Kebab

7. Dog Jerky

It comes in spicy and non-spicy flavors.

8. Dog Meat Steamed Bun

A popular breakfast food

9. Dog Meat Instant Noodles

One company in Northern China was the first company to invent the dog meat instant noodle, and it became quite popular.

10. Dog Meat Stir Fry

Here is some video footage inside a dog meat market in China:

It is important to note that China is not the only country in which dog meat is regularly consumed. Korea, Vietnam, and just about every Asian country other than Japan includes dog meat as a food.

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