What’s the best way to spend those few minutes of peace and solitude one is afforded when defecating? Why, read a story — a scary one at that — right on your toilet paper!

Published by tissue and toilet paper manufacturer Hayashi Paper, the story is written by Koji Suzuki, the author of the famous “Ringu” novels.

The novella titled “The Drop” is printed in three volumes, or in this case, on three rolls of toilet paper, unraveling scene after horrifying scene.

The story tells of an evil spirit that inhabits a toilet bowl. The narrative culls from Japanese superstition, of ghosts and evil spirits that inhabit the smallest room in the house.

This is why, traditionally, a Japanese toilet is placed in the farthest corner of the home. Parents still tell their children that if they misbehave, a hairy hand will seize them when they have their pants around their ankles and drag them down into the “dark water” below.

The hit Japanese version of the toilet paper was rolled out in 2009 and 2010 at 210 yen (US$2.63) per volume, selling over 300,000 volumes.

Scheduled for availability outside of the Japan, the English version of the novella will be coming out on June 21st, available at a price of 630 yen (US$7.88) for the complete set of three volumes.

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Vincent Dioquino

Vincent Dioquino

Vince Dioquino is a poet and a freelance writer. He likes travelling and discovering things. When not writing, he can be usually be found drinking, smoking and skateboarding around the metro, looking for inspiration and images for his poetry. He fronts spoken word/rapmetal band Sandiwa.