The world today is full of cures for just about every possible ailment. In India, they have a very weird way of curing asthma, using live fish. Yes, my friends, that’s live fish.

In Hyderabad, a city in southern India, the Goud family claims that swallowing a live fish, covered in a special herbal formula, will help solve asthma sufferers’ breathing problems.

Despite doctors’ advice, thousands of people still line up to receive this treatment.

After swallowing the live fish, believers are told to follow a strict diet of 25 particular foods for a period of 45 days. These include normal items such as rice, white sugar, lamb, and spinach.

The herbal formula remains a Goud family secret. The family supposedly received the recipe from a Hindu saint 170 years ago and was warned not to reveal the formula.

They offer the treatment annually. The particular treatment days are chosen by astrologers.

Sound a little fishy to you?

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Renz Baxa

Renz Baxa

Lawrence Baxa, or Renz as his friends call him, is a writer living in the Philippines. He admits that even though he is new to the writing industry, he is very willing to learn and improve as a writer. Renz loves to play basketball, and spends most of his time in front of the computer; surfing the net and playing online games. He dreams to be a well – known chef someday. He also serves their parish by holding youth camps and helping in events that help other children become closer to God.