We all know that Japan ranks high when it comes to making the strangest products and accessories ever. After the Nekomimi cat ears trend, here comes another product developed to add to the kitty fashion.

Brace yourself, ladies, as Nico Nico Douga shares a video about a heart rate-controlled cat tail.

We already have ears, so the next thing is to have a tail! But this tail is not just one of those accessories that you put on your back for design. Like those mind-controlled cat ears, this cat tail is also triggered by something. And that is excitement.

Now, do you feel your tails wagging?

Yes, just like cats, the man-made cat tail wags when it detects excitement in its user. Made from a robotic arm covered in fur that is connected to a pulse sensor using an AVR microcontroller, which is attached to a clothespin that will be clipped on the owner’s earlobe, the users pulse rate is translated into tail wags. As the owner’s BPM rate goes higher, the tail moves more rapidly.

They tested the product on a girl dressed in a maid’s outfit, standing in the kitchen. At first, the tail doesn’t seem to move much, but when one guy calls out, “You’re cute!” the tail begins to move rapidly back and forth, causing the girl to break out laughing.

As this cat tail is still in the prototype stage, a lot is needed yet to improve on in terms of the mechanisms, but we wouldn’t be surprised if one day all the girls working in Akihabara’s maid cafes have turned into adorable cat girls.

Here is a video from a while back trying out a similar prototype:

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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