A lot of us get turned off by the tomato’s phlegm-like consistency, despite its enticing appearance. Yes, it is healthful, but its crappiness has already overpowered its supposed function as a health food.

Who would’ve thought these tomatoes could have been of use to alcohol drinkers?

Asahi and Kagome, two of Japan’s most prominent beverage companies, discovered that tomatoes can reverse the effects of alcohol consumption. Needless to say, you should not use this as an excuse too binge drink—that would be an easy way to end up at La Paloma Treatment center for an alcohol problem. A study was conducted to compare the effects of tomato juice and water as chasers. The subjects were asked to drink 100 ml of alcohol, then chase it with 480 ml of tomato juice or water.

Results showed that blood alcohol levels became three times lower when chased with tomato juice than with water. Also, the subjects became sober 50 minutes faster with the tomato juice than with water.

A similar study was conducted on rats as they fed them water with a highly dissolved content of tomato juice, since rats also hate that red substance. Results of the study further confirmed the reverse effect that tomatoes have on those under the influence of alcohol.

But even though the reputation of tomatoes has been lifted and people may start to like them again, there are still a few holes in this scientific breakthrough.

First, since Asahi and Kagome are the ones who discovered these effects, it would be highly advantageous for them to improve sales of “Tomate,” a line of carbonated tomato drinks.

This now leaves me with a question. Were the studies conducted just to promote their products?

Secondly, studies compared only tomato juice and water. Wouldn’t it have been more reliable if they had included other substances, such as milk, tea, or coffee?

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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