Here on Weird Asia News, we typically write about more light hearted offbeat and strange news from Asia. We never enjoy writing or posting about tragedies or injustice around the world. However, with our visibility and reach, we feel that some stories, horrible and gut wrenching as they may be, must be told and made visible.

In China on June 3, 2012, a young pregnant Feng Jianmei was forcibly aborted of her 7 month old baby after failing to pay RMB 40,000 in fines for violating China’s One-Child Policy.

Chinese Family Planning Officials waited until Feng was alone and her husband was at work. They then beat her and dragged her into a vehicle, took her to a hospital, and forced her to sign an abortion consent form by inking her thumb and pressing it to the form.

The officials then had the doctors inject a toxin into the unborn baby’s brain, which eventually caused the baby to pass. “I could feel the baby jumping around inside me all the time, but then she went still,” the mother recounted.

“They covered her head with a pillowcase. She couldn’t do anything because they were restraining her,” the husband stated.

Feng gave birth to the deceased baby the following day, which they then laid next to her on her hospital bed.

Feng is current undergoing medical treatment in Ankang City, Zhenpin County, Zengjia Town, Yupin village.

Chai Ling, founder of All Girls Allowed has further ‘learned that family planning officials in Jianmei’s region are launching a campaign of forced abortions this month. They received a lower grade from the government because of ‘over-quota’ births, and Jianmei’s story shows us how they plan to respond. Unfortunately her family was the first to receive the ‘opening of the knife.”

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is calling on the US government and leaders of the free world to condemn forced abortions and help end this cruel and horrible practice.

We know this story is hard to hear and believe, but please help spread this horrible story so that it gets the attention needed to hopefully put an end to these forced abortions in China, as more are scheduled to occur.

You can also sign the Women’s Rights Without Frontiers petition to end forced abortions here –

UPDATE: China has suspended 3 officials responsible for the forced abortions and sent city officials to Feng and her husband to apologize.

A comment was posted on the official website said the forced abortion “is society’s shame.” Another said the case exposed the lack of humanity in some administrative officials.

Suspended?!? We have some better ideas for punishment than that!

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