Would you ever eat someone’s genitalia, even if it were a dare, or your last meal on Earth?

I definitely would not.

However, five diners in Japan each paid US$250 for an exclusive meal made from artist Mao Sugiyama’s privates! Yup, it included the full penis, scrotum and testes.

Mao served this one-off meal at the exclusive “Asagaya Loft A” in Tokyo’s Suginami Ward.

Why would this 22-year-old cut off his privates? According to Mao, he is a self-proclaimed asexual, having opted to remove his genitalia through elective genitalia-removal surgery.

The five lucky (?) diners were able to savor this unique fare with button mushrooms and Italian parsley.

While some people have complained about the nature of this meal, Japanese authorities can’t do anything since cannibalism is not illegal in the country.

Would someone mind asking Andrew Zimmern if this is among the most bizarre foods he would dare eat?

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Von Capulong
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