Filipinos like their food sweet. A prime example of this is the spaghetti sold in fast food stores, which is really sweet, and even has a hot dog in it.

It came as no surprise, then, when someone decided to make ketchup from bananas.

Banana ketchup is sweeter than the typical tomato variety and is a popular condiment found in any typical Filipino household. The taste is similar to Thai chili sauce.

Banana is mixed with sugar, vinegar, spices and, finally, food coloring, to make it look like tomato ketchup.

Banana ketchup was ubiquitously sold during World War II, when there was a shortage of tomatoes. Since then, Filipinos have not lost their love for this sweet condiment, using it to flavor their French fries, fried chicken, hotdogs and omelets.

Best of all, you can buy banana ketchup in any Filipino or Asian store near you.

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Von Capulong
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