It seems as if every new invention in Japan is geared towards the fulfillment of the nation’s mantra, “setsuden,” meaning “conserve electricity.”

Yuki Corp. is one of the companies in Japan that aims to help promote this very principle by introducing the Auto Door Zero — the automatic door that needs no electricity to operate.

This automatic door uses the body weight of the person about to go in or out of the door. Those passing through it might notice that the floor just before the door sinks about two centimeters once they step forward. The rest is mechanical history.

So you might wonder what else makes this automatic door so special. Well, it comes with a number of hilarious possibilities.

Auto Door Zero is currently being used at the employees’ restroom in Shibuya Hikarie, a newly opened entertainment complex in Japan. However, this one opens not by body weight alone. The door’s mechanism is rigged so that it won’t open until the soap dispenser and faucet are used by the person inside.

Check out this video to get the general idea behind Yuki’s Auto Door Zero.

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