Talking to loved ones just become a little creepy, thanks to the Hugvie.

Invented by Hiroshi Ishiguro, this huggable pillow responds to the caller’s voice by making vibrations that are said to mimic the caller’s heartbeat.

Ishiguro designed the Hugvie for people who want their intimate conversations to be even more intimate. This US$50 pillow is said to be perfect for those who want to hug or cuddle with the person they are talking with.

Including a pocket that holds your cell phone, the Hugvie doubles as a device that turns your regular old phone conversations into a pseudo 4-D experience while providing the comfort that only a semi-life-size can.

“Hugvie” is a combination of the word “hug” and the French word “vie,” meaning “life.”

Do people really have intimacy issues so serious that they’ll feel the need to buy Hugvies?

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Von Capulong
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