Taiwan has no shortage of oddly themed and flat out weird restaurants.

But this hip little Taipei eatery, P.S. Bu Bu, manages to do something off the wall without entering the territory of “gross” or “too weird.”

In fact, the decor is quite cool.

What makes this restaurant special, besides its odd name, is that it features real cars inside, customized as booths, for a unique dining experience.

In addition to the 1950’s and ’60s automobile memorabilia that lines the walls of the restaurant, you’ll have a chance to eat in or alongside a real Mini Austin, a classic Volkswagen Beetle, as well as parts of a 1963 Cadillac Series 6200 Coupe and a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air.

If pink is not your color, you could go with the baby blue beauty pictured above in the background. Even the little ones can get a kick out of it, sitting behind the wheel to take the family on a virtual spin around the block.

And for those who aren’t ready to dive in headfirst into this new adventure, P.S. Bu Bu also offers half the experience in this chopped classic. (But sorry…it doesn’t qualify you for a discount.)

For the non-adventurist, they do have a few normal dining tables.

Even the staff gets to join in on the fun. Check out this Volkswagen Beetle counter!

The only thing that appears to be missing is a classic jukebox.

The following video is in Chinese, but provides a nice peek inside the diner.

Stewart Brently
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Stewart Brently