Many parts of Asia are now ruled by the hot summer weather, but an underwear company in Japan has found a novel way to help keep women cool.

Japan’s branch of the international lingerie company Triumph revealed last Wednesday what is known as the “Super Cool Bra.”

What looks like a pair of fish bowls are actually refrigerated cooling pads that help keep the wearer feeling cool and refreshed. According to the company, despite being frozen, the pads actually stay soft.

The bras also come with built-in wind chimes, which the Japanese believe produce a refreshing sound, along with portable fans and even refreshing mints. There is even a tiny bamboo ladle that the wearer can use to splash herself with water, if needed.

These Super Cool Bras are not for sale, though. According to Triumph Japan, these concept undergarments were created in hope of raising awareness of the country’s growing energy issues.

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