This is one Guinness attempt that doesn’t make the cut!

Last year, Marikina City, the Philippines’ “Shoe Capital,” tried again to get its name in the record books by organizing the largest “circumcision party” in the world.

Organizers of the event came prepared. “We applied to the Guinness Book of World Records and we are recording everything so we can send all the data to them, and hopefully it will be recognized,” Vice Mayor Jose Fabian Cadiz proudly announced.

But Guinness World Records rejected the attempt, saying that any form of medical procedure within a specified time frame is not allowed due to concerns about hygiene and possible risks.

The event was not a total failure, however, since more than 1,500 boys participated in the event.

Marikina City got the Guinness honors in 2002 for creating the biggest shoes in the world.

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Von Capulong
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