It seems as if director Stephen Shiu Sr. listened to his colleague, James Cameron, that 3-D will be the next big thing in the film industry.

So big, in fact, that his 3-D movie, Sex and Zen, beat Cameron’s Avatar on its opening day in Hong Kong. This was kind of surprising considering that Avatar was one of the biggest movie hits internationally.

On its opening day, Sex and Zen, brought in around US$360,000. In contrast, Avatar earned only about US$320,000 on its opening day.

Sex and Zen, a soft porn, is a remake of the 1991 Hong Kong film of the same title.

When asked about the movie, Shui said,” “We met people’s expectations. People have always thought that you need 3-D technology for this kind of content. So people were very curious.”

The old adage “sex sells” has been proven true again.

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Von Capulong
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