Only four golden snappers are caught in the Bay of Bengal every year. This year, one caught in Chittagong became an overnight sensation.

An unidentified businessman from Hong Kong bought a golden snapper weighing 37 kg (82 lbs.) for US$38,000 (£24,000), “for its tasty bladder and succulent flesh,” Jahangir Saudagar, who sold the fish, told AFP.

Mr. Saudagar, who works at a fish market near Chittagong, bought the fish at an auction, from fishermen returning from the Bay of Bengal, before selling it to the businessman.

“I continued to bid until everyone else gave up because I knew I could sell this fish on at a high price,” Saudagar said.

He beat out at least 500 other traders.

Zoology professor Noman Siddiqui of the Marine Fisheries Academy in Chittagong said the golden color of the snapper was the reason it commanded such a high price.

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Vincent Dioquino

Vincent Dioquino

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