Without the use of ice, you can now enjoy your cold beer a little longer.

Sounds impossible? Well, not to Kirin Brewery.

Kirin, famous for its draft beer in Japan, has started a new craze in beer-drinking through its latest product, the “Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft,” introducing its famous Kirin draft beer topped with frozen foam.

Served at -5 degrees Celcius, the foam keeps the beer chilled for up to half an hour. The frozen foam also adds a cool and refreshing texture to the beer.

The foam is processed using a special method called “frozen agitation,” a process developed by the company wherein air is blown into the beer as it is continuously stirred and chilled.

Kirin hopes to boost sales by offering customers a new way of drinking its beer. “We want young consumers to enjoy drinking beer in a new way,” said Koichi Matsuzawa, president of Kirin Brewery.

Launched initially this month in Tokyo, the frozen foam beer will be introduced to restaurants across Japan starting in mid-May, making it available to at least 1,000 restaurants by the end of the year. Expansions to the U.S. and Europe are in the works.

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Vincent Dioquino

Vincent Dioquino

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