Chinese characters hold an almost esoteric and mystical meaning to Westerners. As such, many get Chinese characters tattooed on their bodies.

But in a peculiar twist, the Chinese are increasingly choosing English words and letters to tattoo onto their bodies. What is weird is that this trend began apparently only this year.

Even Shanghai tattoo artist Aiping Zhang seems to agree: “Around 30-40 percent of our customers are choosing tattoos in English letters now. This has happened really suddenly, since the beginning of this year.”

According to a report, any foreign language is deemed mysterious and exotic in China.

Enna Yang, a TV producer, explained why she prefers to use English: “[English words] are much simpler compared to Chinese characters and can hold deep meanings.”

Yang also thinks that the Chinese get tattoos in English because they possess special significance in their lives. “If I had tattoos in Chinese, everyone would immediately know what they meant,” she declared.

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Von Capulong
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