While most people are looking at innovations and technologies to fight old problems, the prefectural government of Saga in Japan has turned to 17-year-old Misato Ishibashi and her falcon to fight the hordes of crows that attack trash and farms.

The third-year student from Takeo High School has been participating in competitions to remove bird pests.

Saga prefecture governor Yasushi Furukawa had invited Japan’s only “schoolgirl falconer” to get rid of the crow problem.

Not backing down from any challenge, Misato released her falcon on the night of April 4th.

The result was immediately heard. Crows immediately burst out of trees and flew away. Misato assured, “They won’t be back for a while.”

The crows amounted to more than 10,000 a few years ago and have roosted in the area around the prefectural offices. These intelligent birds have learned to forage for food in garbage disposal areas and then release their droppings on the roads.

The poor farmers’ harvests also didn’t escape the crows’ appetites.

Saga prefectural government has spent an average of 66,000,000 yen to stop these birds, but efforts have been futile.

What makes this story amazing is that Japan rarely asks falconers for help, relying instead on modern technology to get rid of bird problems.

It was also reported that this Ishibashi was asked by her school to help get rid of pigeons in the auditorium. The bird droppings posed a danger to the students during their graduation ceremony, stated school officials.

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