These two stories should serve as a warning to people who post pictures and update their status online.

The first story involves several Philippine Catholic high-school girls who were prevented from attending their graduation ceremony after pictures of them in their bikinis were posted online. The said photos were taken in late December during a beach party.

Their graduation ceremony was held a couple days ago. The girls were “really hurt,” stated one of the mothers.

Not too surprising was the statement from the Catholic school. School administrators said that the girls “engaged in immoral, indecent, obscene and lewd acts.” One administrator even went as far as to call the girls “sluts.”

The girls’ parents have since come to the rescue by filing cases in court against the school.

The second story involves a group of high-school guys who posted pictures online of what appeared to be them kissing each other.

Also from the Philippines, these boys were studying at a Catholic school, although a different one.

The photos they took made it appear that they were kissing each other on the lips.

When they posted the photos for posterity, they mistakenly made it available for public viewing.

School officials here were more forgiving, however. The boys will be allowed to graduate, but the issuing of their diplomas will be “delayed.”

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Von Capulong
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