A beggar in the Indian city of Ajmer died with nearly Rs 2 lakh (about US$4,000) iin his pockets, which leads one to wonder just how lucrative being homeless in India can actually be.

He died near the city’s historic dargah–a Sufi shrine built over the grave of a revered religious figure, often a Sufi saint–at Panigram Chowk, where he was in the company of other beggars.

When news of his riches came to light, his “colleagues” began claiming him to be a dead relative.

However, the police were quick to point out that the claimants were not able to provide details on the man, who was estimated to be about 60 years old.

Upon further investigation, the police said that the man came into town about three years ago and had no friends.

Amazingly, the man died from a host of ailments that may have been treated with the money that he had.

Von Capulong
Von Capulong has more than 12 years of professional experience in the fields of management and marketing in the fields of information technology and food service with special focus on branding, product and business developments. He is also a member of the Professional Speakers Association of the Philippines (PSAP) and has conducted talks in the Philippines. He is also currently the president and CEO of GreenRides, Inc, the pioneer car cleaning company in the Philippines that cleans, waxes, polishes and UV protects vehicles without using water. He writes articles as a stress-reliever.