There’s no question that slowly but ever so surely the robot has invaded our lives in many positive ways and is here to stay.

The bot’s transformation into so many different forms and aspects is amazing all by itself, but it is its penetration into the core of human existence and activity that makes for a dynamic and fascinating dimension into modern technology.

Robots are used in health care, research and even in the military, and more and more they are being developed with humanoid features and functions. Nonetheless, some of the following uses are sure to raise more than one eyebrow.

When bots take human form, in order to be effective there must be a psychological establishment of “robot trust” established. This translates into creating bots with human features, expressions and body language, without which humans would not be able to identify as belonging to a robot.

Here are some new interactive creations from the dynamic world of robots.

• Bot Vid: Robo Ring

Japan has always led the way in robot development. Scientists at Japan’s Keio University are embarking on developing robot enhancement in the area particularly concerning man-to-machine communications.

Experiments have been bizarre to say the very least.

PYGMY robot rings may well represent the future when it comes to communication.

These rings, which are used to express emotion and enhance human interaction, are battery-powered electronic jewelry supported by Bluetooth. They operate when activated by a small display solenoid or servo that is attached to the ring.

A smartphone application can remotely control their functions, which include games, voice recognition, finger-walking and kicking.

The ring technology can be adapted for a number of purposes, including teaching and even social interaction–even dating.

The displays can also be customized with a myriad of configurations and designs.

The Bot Vid Robo Barber

In the name of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which searches for cures for leukemia, a brave fellow named Tim is shown in the video below getting his head shaved by a remote-control robot. (His head examined might be fodder for yet another news story of note.)

Intelligent Automation Inc. (IAI) has developed this device, which is a multi-arm unmanned ground vehicle armed with three cameras and three arms.

The range of motion on this bot is impressive as each arm can extend 29 degrees more than that of similar human-controlled robots.

Its versatility has not escaped the attention of the military.

• Bot Vid: Tiny Robo-Tank

Developing small robots to be used on the battlefield has invaded the many aspects of the cold arm of modern technology.

These robots are optimized for offroad travel, and that has been the focus of current manufacturers such as DARPA and iRobot.

Their operation is meant to mirror larger military bots, but also to make them more agile and faster, and they travel over uneven terrain.

This has been accomplished by adding tank-like suspension systems to their caterpillar tracks.

Robot morphologies, despite their incredible advances, may well be in a stage of adolescence, depending on what the future holds.

Perhaps the fictive dream of Star Wars is our next reality after all.

Who can say?




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